IOS & Android App Development in React Native

Welcome to my side projects, "Thank you JavaScript", which houses the latest projects I have worked on independently, from artificial intelligence applications, to a remote code debugger for React Native.

All my projects are developed with JavaScript, React, Node, React Native and Mongo. Want to quote a mobile application? I am a software engineer specialized in web and mobile applications, from architecture, UX design, planning and deployment in major stores and clouds.


This is an artificial intelligence that can help you resolve doubts about the English language. Practice and consult any doubts, sentences, or questions, and Michi-AI will use neural network services to answer your doubts.

React Native Debugger (onLine)

A tool for debugging Redux in any React Native/Expo application, you can debug any application and view its contents from anywhere.

Remotely modify the redux-store and perform more thorough testing.

React Native Debugger Online

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It's all about a community of digital natives, with tips, job postings focused on the tech community, from programming, marketing, design, advertising, for digital companies and startups.

Vacantes Digitales